Bolzano/Bozen - Italy
2-4 October 2023
Location: Eurac Research

What was the goal?

Position EuroGEO with
view to the new GEO
Identify and exploit synergies across national and EU projects and initiatives.
Support a nexus approach to address the triple pollution-climatebiodiversity crises.
Create a dialogue among scientists, policy makers and endusers to support the co-design of EO based tools, knowledge, and policies.

What has been achieved?

A good networking and synergies are already existing, e.g. human settlements layer – in-situ component: collecting in-situ requirements in a standardized way, achieving agreements and collecting data
New synergies and partnerships opening new perspectives
Increased awareness about EuroGEO and desire to connect with Copernicus
Μore accessible and open EO sectors due to open dialogues through EuroGEO

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What are the challenges?

To coordinate national initiatives with the EuroGEO and GEO initiatives.
To connect EuroGEO with Copernicus, to have more cooperation, both in terms of governance and in terms of implementation.
To cooperate with other data providers.
To have in-situ and aerial data in addition to the satellite data.
To increase the temporal resolution of the data.
To engage external actors, new members and more countries.
To reduce loss of institutional memory.

What are the next steps?

Make new members and countries (e.g. East Europe) familiar with EuroGEO/GEO and facilitate their involvement by explaining how they can participate, how they can contribute to the GEO work program, and what they can benefit (to demonstrate the value of participation in EuroGEO/GEO).
Improve the communication with external bodies and make a more coherent coordination.
Make private sector aware of what EuroGEO and Copernicus offer, both products and services, and provide access to them.
Identify national focal points and get them active in order to communicate and disseminate everything relevant to EuroGEO and Copernicus.
Have a better coordination at the level of the EC between EuroGEO and Copernicus in order to connect these two parallel pathways.
Align between the different instruments, e.g. Horizon Europe, Destination Earth, Digital Twins.
Encourage donations.

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